Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries are an important way to remember your special day in the years after your wedding. Traditional wedding gift styles are listed below.

1st year Paper
2nd year Cotton
3rd year - Leather
4th year Fruit / Flowers
5th year Wood
6th year Sugar / Iron
7th year Wool / Copper
8th year Bronze / Pottery
9th year Pottery / Willow
10th year - Tin / Aluminium
11th year Steel
12th year Silk / Linen
13th year Lace
14th year Ivory
15th year -Crystal

Wedding Anniversaries change to every 5 years

20th year China
25th year - Silver
30th year - Pearl
35th year Coral
40th year Ruby
45th year Sapphire
50th year - Gold
55th year - Emerald
60th year - Diamond
75th year - Platinum

Why not make your own tradition? Couples around the world make their own traditions to celebrate their anniversary through the years. Surprise your loved one and cherish your special day for a lifetime.