When it comes to the big day it's essential to not just look the best but to feel the best. This could mean as simple as a good shave, or a beard trim, all the way up to a different style altogether. Depending on what style you are wanting to achieve: natural you, or a new improved you. 

Prepare your look

There's a pretty good chance you know your style, how you look and, more importantly, how you want to look for your big day. If you're planning a big change for the day, make sure you know for sure how you'll look, and that you can pull it off!

If you're not going for a drastic change, make sure you're groomed and styled when going for your suit fitting. This way, you'll know (almost) exactly how you will look on the day. Importantly, this will show up any clashes between you and your suit that you need to know beforehand.

Coming up to your wedding (or even the day before), drop in to your stylist/barber and get a tidy up to make sure you're on top of things. Stock up on your usual styling products and get them packed for wherever your wedding is. If you can, fit in a small amount of product and any small combs/brushes you have to keep on you to use during the day. This will keep you looking fresh the whole day.

What's your look?


If you're staying shaved, make sure your blades are sharp and your shave cream/oil is topped up. Treat yourself to a straight cut barber shave to clean up any stray hairs and prepare your face in the lead up. Regardless of whether you manually shave or use an electric razor, and hand shave by a barber goes a long way to keeping your face clean.


Get on top of looking your beard early into your growth. You'll at the very least need a brush or comb to untangle and straighten your hairs, and a beard shampoo/conditioner to clean your beard. Using beard oil is also highly recommended to protect and add lustre to your beard.

Mister Bee uses and recommends Milkman Grooming Products for your beard care and shaving needs.

Milkman Grooming Co


You've moved on from Lynx... right? There's a world of colognes for men, and odds are you've got at least a couple of scents in the cupboard to choose from. Don't put on too much - if you can smell it on you, you've gone too far. You'll want to apply it where your blood radiates heat well, so your neck, wrists, even the back of your knee are good spots. Try to find a small applicator to keep on you during the wedding or keep your bottle handy, so you can apply a small amount as the day goes on. This will keep you smelling good and act as a nice pick me up as the day goes on.

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