Don't let the choice of music cause conflict in the lead up to your wedding! It sounds silly, but something as basic as music is often the cause of disagreement in the planning stages. Get on the same page about what you want and work towards making it happen - it's for both of you after all!

In formal weddings, the "Bridal March" is played when the bride walks down the aisle (not the Imperial March!). This can bring tears to the eyes of the groom at the altar, but it's not for everyone. Sometimes a simple announcement for the bride is all that's needed. Or, take a twist on the traditional wedding march for a more upbeat take:

For the reception, depending on your theme and likes, you can choose from a variety of entertainment for your wedding:

  • Hire a DJ
  • Hire live music eg. band, wedding singer, family and friends
  • Juke box or karaoke machine
  • Ipod playlist
  • Youtube or video playlist (with projector)
  • Spotify playlist
Most venues will let you choose your own entertainment, or you can choose your own. If they have their own PA or speaker system, they should let you plug in your phone or tablet, and you can play your own playlist! Put together a list of songs that you and your partner love and share them with your friends and family at your reception!

Spotify Playlist

First Dance

All first dances are different, so don't feel that you need to pick one that's been done before! Pick a song and dance style that reflects the both of you, as simple or complex as you like. Make sure to get photos and video saved to last a lifetime.
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