You can make your dreams come true and take your partner overseas or until you both get more time and money, try a mini-break. Make sure you're on the same page when you make a decision so you choose an adventure for the both of you!

There's no wrong way to have your honeymoon. Whether it's relaxing on an island in South East Asia, going on a tour of Europe, cruising the roads of the USA, or simply finding a romantic hideaway in the hinterland of SE QLD, there are options for everyone. The important thing is you both agree on your journey, including what you do and where, so your honeymoon is pleasant and stress-free.

It sounds cliche, but no matter where your journey takes you, make sure you are prepared. Take our advice, even working out the little details can take the stress out of travelling:

  • If travelling by air, check the airport's website to make sure you know how to get around and get out.
  • Make sure you know all your travel options at your destination - getting around can be stressful if you haven't prepared.
  • Make sure all of your itinerary is easily available at all times so you know where you're going, and when.
  • If you can, decide what you want to see, but not necessarily when - knowing what you want to do is important, but deciding on the order at the times makes it an adventure!

Most travel agents have brochures you can look through to plan every detail that you desire. They can also help you make a package deal including transfers to make your travel easy. 
  • For some great honeymoon destinations ideas visit Flight Centre
  • For local destinations, visit Wotif

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